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BS1901 Acrylic Polyurethane Finish

The paint is a two-component room temperature chemical curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating. Group A is the curing agent, and group B is the main agent. Excellent mechanical properties, acid rain resistance, salt spray resistance, water resistance and anti-aging properties. This product has high volume solids, a small amount of paint per unit coating area (only 60% of the general polyurethane coating amount for the same area), good workability (no foaming or sagging phenomenon at a thickness of 50 microns for one spraying), and is a weather-resistant topcoat with very high cost performance.

DT-22 cool insulation adhesive paint

The paint is a two-component room temperature curing acrylic polyurethane coating. Group A is the curing agent, and group B is the main agent. It has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, excellent heat preservation and weather resistance. Apply together with thermal insulation primer and heat reflective finish for thermal insulation. It can reduce the temperature in the container, reduce the "breathing loss" of chemicals in the container, and reduce energy consumption.

KQ0402 acrylic polyurethane enamel

The lacquer is a two-component ambient temperature chemically cured acrylic polyurethane coating. Group A is the curing agent, and group B is the main agent. With quick drying, high hardness, excellent mechanical properties, water resistance, light and color retention and weather resistance, it is a kind of high weather resistance topcoat varieties.

L01-13 asphalt varnish

This product is a one-component normal temperature drying asphalt coating. The product is a black varnish prepared by mixing petroleum asphalt with resin and dissolving in solvent oil. It is convenient to apply and dry quickly, and has excellent moisture-proof, sewage-resistant and flowing water resistance. Poor heat resistance of paint film.

SH2390L polysiloxane finish

The paint is a high solids two-component room temperature self-drying polysiloxane coating. It is a kind of heavy-duty anticorrosive topcoat coating with super weather resistance, dry-wet alternation and high salt spray resistance. Its anti-corrosion performance can reach more than 15 years. And has excellent physical and mechanical properties, paint film stain resistance, easy to clean. The paint has better recoatability than general polysiloxane topcoats.

VF0403 High Weather Resistance Fluorocarbon Coating

The paint is a solvent-based two-component room temperature curing coating. Is a kind of super weather resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, easy construction of the paint. Component A is a curing agent, and component B is composed of tetrafluoroethylene-vinyl ether copolymer type 4F fluorocarbon resin and high weather resistance pigments, fillers, additives, solvents, etc.

Chlorinated rubber finish

The paint is a one-component room temperature drying chlorinated rubber coating. It has excellent low-temperature construction performance, mutual solubility between the coating and the coating, and excellent interlayer adhesion. The coating dries quickly, has good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and alkali resistance, and has good water resistance, weather resistance, dry and wet resistance. The paint film and the primer with cathodic protection function have good compatibility and good durability. But poor oil resistance.

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